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  • What is the "PAC-U?""
    The Pac-U is a group of schools working together to connect directly and plan longer-lead events and matches that are--from a schedule standpoint--modeled after how analog sports are showcased
  • What are "analog sports?""
    "Analog sports" are what we'd call physical sporting events vs digital - football, basketball, baseball, etc. - they need to primarily be held in person
  • Are you affiliated with the Pac 12 conference?
    No - we're the esports leaders who represent the schools who make up the Pac 12 conference schools, but we're not directly affiliated with them
  • Who are the members of the Pac-U?
    Arizona State University Oregon State University Stanford University University of Arizona University of California, Berkeley University of Colorado Boulder University of Oregon University of Southern California University of Utah University of Washington Washington State University
  • Who manages the group of schools?
    Primarily students/staff/faculty advisors for the schools' respective Esports organizations along with student leadership
  • Why did you start it?
    Between the pandemic, students being isolated in quarantine, the loss of "analog sport" like college football, etc., we felt the need to step up and provide a way to build school spirit and entertainment that would also keep students and players safe.
  • Who does all of the work?
    We assessed our respective skill sets and divided up work across the network - some are good with social media, some with design, others with planning /organizing, otherts with streaming broadasts.
  • Is it a "tournament?""
    No - this fall (Fall 2020) we are doing a series of standalone invitational matches that sync with what would have been the Pac-12 Fall 2020 Football schedule.
  • Why isn't it a tournament?
    Holding a "tournament" would violate the game-maker's publishing licensing agreements schools must abide by in order to publicly play and stream matches.
  • Are there prizes?
    Not this fall - we started this up and began planning as summer was winding down as we realized 1) how most schools would still be having remote classes and 2) how the lack of analog sports would impact school spirit.
  • Why don't you have prizes?
    For most of us, Esports aren't directly funded by our schools, so we'd have to have sponsors to have prizes; once we had sponsors (aka revenue) involved, we knew that the legal agreements, etc, required to execute would delay us for a considerable amount of time. This year, our players just want to play.
  • How long will it run?
    The standalone matches will run from September 25th through right before Christmas.
  • Will there be a "winner" at the end of the invitational schedule in December?"
    Not a "champion" due to the same reason this isn't a "tournament".
  • Is there a way to sponsor?
    Not this fall, but if someone is intersted to discuss how to support as we evolve into something more permanent over the next year, they can email us at
  • Which games are you playing?
    Primarily we're playing League of Legends, Overwatch and Rocket League. We also may have a shorter series of matches for games that we don't allhave teams to support that would run from Thanksgiving through mid-December.
  • How are the game's publishers involved?
    We've been discussing with the publishers and they're supportive as long as we comply with their licensing guidelines.
  • Is this a one-time thing?
    If it goes well, we plan to make it a regular thing - having Esports matches scheduled with long lead times will allow us to plan more effectively with our mostly-volunteer/student resources
  • Where do you stream?
    This fall, we're only streaming on Twitch - the official channel is @pac-ugaming, but schools' with their own twitch channels can co-stream with pac-u.
  • Are there rules?
    Yes, they're modeled after the rules here.
  • Why are you doing this so quickly? Can you do it later?
    We wanted to catch as much of the Fall as possible and replicate what would have been the Pac-12 football schedule as possible so that students have something to rally around vs their only school engagement is via online classes with little student life/entertainment
  • How can I find out more information?
    Go to; it's a site under construction but it'll have our most recent schedule, team info, etc. We also have social media accounts.
  • I'm a student, how can I join?"
    First, join our Discord! It's open to all students here:
  • Do you have social media?
    Yes, here: Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube Twitch TikTok
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